Retirement System

Election of Retirement Board Member

An election will be held on December 2, 2019 for the position of Elected Representative to the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency Employees’ Retirement System.  The term of the position will begin on December 11, 2019 and run through December 10, 2022.  Michael Fitzmaurice currently is the incumbent. 

Nomination papers will be available at the Retirement System office on and after August 30, 2019 and must be returned on or before 12:00 Noon on October 17, 2019 to the same location. Please note that the nomination paper must contain the signatures and addresses of at least 20 members of the retirement system.

The election will be by mailed ballot that will be available after November 8, 2019.  Mailed ballots must be returned to the Retirement System Office on the 4th floor of One Beacon Street on or before 12:00 Noon on December 2, 2019.  Any active or retired member of the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency Employees’ Retirement System is eligible to run for the position.

If you desire nomination papers or have any questions regarding the election process or the duties and responsibilities of a Board Member call Joseph M. Petty at ext. 1871, Michelle Shinnick at ext. 1123, or visit the Retirement System office during normal office hours.