Retirement System

Election of Board Member to the Retirement System

Please note that all ballots have been mailed today for the Election of a Board Member to the Retirement System. Two candidates have qualified by filing sufficient nomination signatures to run for the position of elected employee/retiree representative to the Board of the MassHousing Retirement System.  The qualified candidates are Frank Creedon and Antonio Torres (incumbent). 

Please contact Joe Petty or Michelle Shinnick if you did not receive a ballot.  Also, please follow the instructions, the return envelope must have a return address and please print and sign your name on the place as indicated.  I have listed the instructions below.


  • Vote for 1 candidate only by completely filling in the oval to the right of the candidate’s name on the official ballot.  Do not otherwise mark or deface the ballot.
  • Fold and insert ballot in envelope marked “Secret Ballot Envelope”.  Seal envelope.
  • Insert ballot envelope in the pre-addressed/stamped reply envelope.  Before you return this ballot sign and print your name on the line provided in the identification box on the rear of the envelope.  The return envelope provides a space for the member’s name and home address.  This information is critical in determining whether the voter is indeed eligible to vote.  If any ballot is returned without this information, the ballot shall be considered disqualified and will not be counted.
  • Ballots must be received by Noon on Monday, June 18, 2018.